Thursday, 23 February 2017

wow see photos of Youths injured in communal clash between Okrika youths and Eleme Youths in Rivers state...

In what has been described as a breach of peace, the youths of Eleme have been accused of defying the peaceful agreement reached by both Eleme and Okrika communities in recent years, by attacking Okrika youths and causing grievous bodily harm to some of them. 

Unsuspecting Okrika youths were allegedly ambushed while they were in the bush and were brutally attacked by the Eleme indigenes, leaving many of them with injuries that landed them in the hospital.

Eleme and Okrika communities of Rivers state have been known to have bitter conflicts over land in the past, however for years now, they have lived in peace after arriving at an understanding, but this peace has become shaky following this recent attack. Victims of the attack were left bloodied and nearly decapitated with wounds that seem to have been caused by a sharp object like a machete. 

Some of the thugs from Eleme who carried out the inhumane attack have reportedly been arrested by the Okrika Police.

Below is the entire story as told by Gabriel Allen on Facebook.

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