Saturday, 14 January 2017

wow Flourmill staff in police net for carrying firearm cries out, says he is innocent and his family must be looking for him...

A Staff of Flourmill who was arrested by the Lagos state police, allegedly for carrying fire arms, has cried out claiming he is innocent, asking that his manager at work should be called so as to confirm his story.

Ichionye was arrested on New Year’s Eve by the policemen from Layeni division, Alaba. 

According to the officer who introduced the suspect to LIB, Ichionye was accosted by a mob who suspected him of being an armed robber and, taking justice into their hands, started attacking him before police intervened and discovered a gun with him.
“We found him in Layeni, Alaba area by a few minutes past ten p.m. on 31st Dec.” The police officer said.  
“He was with two other guys on the bike. He was riding the bike when a mob attacked them.
The police on patrol from that same division sighted mob attack and wondering what was happening, went there to question the mob. The mob claimed the men were trying to rob somebody when they caught him with this gun. In the process, while they were attacking them the other two escaped. It was the mob that even arrested them.”
Ichionye while speaking to LIB denied the claims saying that he has never seen the gun and doesn’t know where it came from. He also said he has not been able to contact his family who must be looking for him now.
“I will tell you my story, I’m saying the truth because I want you to help me.” He said to LIB. 
“I work in Flourmill. I’m a staff in Flourmill. Honestly, Flourmill will defend me. That very Saturday Watch night, I came out with my bike, I wanted to go and buy fuel so I can use it for night church. 
“When I came outside I now met two boys, they said if I’m going I should help them. I said they’ll pay me and they said OK. I asked them to pay me two hundred Naira but they said they’ll pay me one hundred and fifty Naira. I agreed. Immediately I got to the bus stop there, some guys now rushed me and said these boys they are thieves oh and asked me why am I stopping. They now started beating me. The other guys they ran away. I wanted to see if I can fight them but I could not fight them because they were plenty after they finish beating me, police men were passing by and now carried me to Layeni police station. 
“At Layeni, after they beat all my face, they now brought this gun and said that they saw it, that I’m the person that was carrying it. I don’t know anything pertaining to that gun. I told them where I work. I’m a staff of Flourmill. If they agree to call my manager to confirm me. I work 8 to 8. So what this man is showing me, I don’t know what this man is showing me or where it came from.” The suspect claimed.
If you know this man, you might want to make enquiries about him at the Lagos State Police command headquarters.
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