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Fast rising Nigerian music star and YAGI record label boss, Lil Kesh after his exist from Olamide’s YBNL record label has been basking in the success of his career which he created within a very short time in the music industry. Having revealed that, he left YBNL because his two years contract expired, Lil Kesh I honor of his mother dropped a new music video titled, Ishe which described the many sacrifices his mother had done for him. In this interview, the music star speaks on his projection for his record label, his Christian background and much more.

Take the music from Lil Kesh, who is Kesh?

Lil Kesh is a boy that all he got in this life for now is his music and trying to make the best. My story is quite different from everyone because things started happening for me at a very young age and the level of things I was able to achieve within the space label of two years as so many people ordinary did not believe that I will go this far. So the only thing that is still making me relevant is the music; outside the music, Lil Kesh is just a boy.

Starting off as a musician, were your parents in support of it?

My case is different because my Father is a Christian and I grew up in a very gospel family as my father has his own church and there I had music to enjoy from my parents; because music was all around me and that also informed the creative side of me. Despite the fact that my parents are good Christians, they are always in support of what their children are willing to do and more importantly they preach the gospel of education too. My parents will give their blessings as long as you are on the right course; they are my number one fans and have always supported my music from the onset.

Was music something you derived from your parents?

Yes but probably from my mum not dad because she has this way of singing which I actually picked up and you when listen to my music and hear my mum sing, you will notice the connection. Then my upbringing around the church too was an influence for my love for music.

Lil Kesh Your songs ‘Life of a star’ featuring Adekunle Gold, what inspired it?

My life basically from me not being famous to me being famous now; it’s actually the stages and experience that comes with it. Trying to adjust to a life of walking peacefully on the street and people not disturbing you but now you are restricted to what you can do and what you can say online. For me that change was quite difficult; many don’t know how freely I do my things back then before the fame came in. Basically, my album is a reflection of my past, present and probably the future as the case maybe. Life of a star came as a reflection of all I have been through, I was actually meditating when the vibe came in; so I called Pheelz the producer that I was ready and that Adekunle Gold will be dropping few lines too. The funniest part is that I and Adekunle went for a show together in Abeokuta and travelled down to Lagos the following morning where both lodged in a hotel due to fuel scarcity then and we had all the recording tools available and Adekunle did his verse, went back to sleep, woke and continued and at the end of the day, the song came out nice.

Your first experiences out of Nigeria, how would you describe them?

I was just eager to get on the plane, my first time outside the country was to London and then I was supposed to travel a day before but my manger has issues with his paper; so we had to go the next day and because I had my eyes on the plane and had pictures how I was sitting in the plane; I told my manager that I can go before him and he joins me later.

Are you aware that people tag you as being arrogant and Pompous?

Why? I don’t even go out, I don’t hear that at all time because there are places where you go and people tell you Lil Kesh is a good guy and at the same time, there are some places where they feed you with negative comments. Like I said, that all life of a star; there are times I am having a very bad day and barely smile; maybe that’s one of those days you meet me, or maybe I am at an event of over 5,000 crowd you don’t expect me to take pictures with them all even though I am willing to do that. My manager sometimes restricts me when he sees that the crowd is becoming too unbearable. I am a human being and I can’t satisfy everybody; let me seize this opportunity to say I am sorry; maybe you caught up with me on a very wrong day. Lil Kesh is cool headed, playful and down to earth.

How long does it take you to make a song?

It all depends on my timing, mood, schedules and all that; times it may be longer or shorter than I expected. There are some songs that when you record them, you pause at some point and continue later.

Do you write your lyrics yourself?

Definitely, nobody understands my music better than I do or my vibes, although most of my songs comes within a limited time. For instance, I might be sleeping and when I wake up, an idea or lyrics come to my mouth, I quickly dash into the studio to do my lines and much later I sit down and outline my lyrics and lines accordingly.

How was growing up in Bariga for you?

Growing up in Bariga was fun for me and the most memorable; I represent my hood 100% that’s why I speak about them in my music and all around. I am proud of my hood, I learnt a lot growing up there. The environment was the best fun spot for me that made me realize I had a great potential in music; I can brag anywhere that there are lots of hidden talents in Bariga. I represent my hood at every corner and on social media.

How do you juggle between academics, family, concerts and busy schedules?

Sincerely, it’s crazy I must say but school (NOUN University), is more of an online thing for me now because that works for me more than going to classes as I need utmost concentration to face my academics. Education is key and very important; if you are young and out there and making money at a very tender age; you still need to be educated as it is mandatory because it makes want to compete with others. You are enjoying the money now until you are old you wish you heard the certificate.

What came into your mind the first day you saw your material on TV?

I was happy because it was the very first time but as at then, I am this kind of person that does not know how to celebrate what I have achieved because I have a bigger picture of what I want. Though I was excited when I saw my first video but at the same time, I was already thinking of what the follow-up video will be.

What is your projection for YAGI records few years from now?

Let the will of God take charge; I will continue to work and make efforts towards the label been successful but all still come down to God who will lead me through.

You sound more like a church boy?

Yes I am a church boy, I don’t joke with my creator; despite all the whole celebrity thing; this life don’t freak me, I always remember where I came from and how far God has positioned me because my story is a testimony. So what excuse do I have not to praise my creator..?

Best vacation spot?

That will surely be South Africa because the very first time I traveled there; I fell in love with the place and want to go back.
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