Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Why we call it Magic in a TEA…

Magic Slimtea as over the reign of teas developed a unique stand-out from others, by portraying a standard beyond comprehension. Our teas are combos of strong manufacturers in United States of America and Japan, giving a befitting and magical experiences to all our clients without reserves. All our teas are made of fine herbs to give you a slimmer physiques just within a short period of time; giving you a reason to conceive after fighting fibroid tissue viz-a-viz the fear of surgical operation; giving a whole new strength to those who suffer from bone/ligament pains of arthritis and rheumatism; helping your blood sugar level reduced to living and staying healthy.

Tell me, isn’t these magical from our VARIETIES of teas? You can be happier in a better life by living healthy with MAGIC SLIMTEA. Check out our positive feedbacks even from Royalties below:
Miss Jombo Salome who continued using Magic Slimming Coffee has reduced the more. Read below about her weight-loss experience:
“My name is Jombo Salome and I’m happy to have reduced my weight and fat more by using Magic Slimtea. In my area now, people can’t seem to believe the magical transformation with me. Losing more kgs is so impressive and worth it. I recommend Magic Slimtea more than any other teas in Nigeria. If I gave it a trial and continuously got positive feedback, you too can be part of it. The Magic is within 3weeks and you can loss more than 18kg despite not being on diet but using the Magic Slimtea and without exercising. It’s truly magical”.
Dr. Akeem Ajiboye who is medical surgeon in UCH gave his strong opinion on how most women suffer from Fibroid or Cyst with major cause of excess estrogenic; unbalance progesterone levels and heavy bleeding and excessive period; uterine cramping and irregular menses; abdominal bloating and premenstrual syndrome etc. However, read his comment blow: 
“I am a Medical Surgeon in one of Nigeria’s biggest hospital and treating different patients with fibroid or cyst as the case may be. I do different surgeries to uproot fibroid tissues weighing in different kgs and the fear of operation can be heart-stopping for some clients. But when I heard about Uterine Fibroid Tea, I said this must be a joke till I got some and gave to a patient to use. She is presently heavily pregnant. To me, this is unbelievable. I recommend to all those who suffer from such ailment. IT WORKS… Why not give it a trial”
Our other products include: Natural Blood Sugar Reducing tea, 28Days Detox Tea, Rheumatic & Arthritis Supporting Tea.
Our ‘Eliminator’ teas are affordable and available for purchase. NATIONWIDE PAYMENT ON DELIVERY OPTIONS AVAILABLE TOO. Visit our website:www.magicslimtea.com or communicate with our Esteemed Trained Customer Service Executives:

Call/Whatsapp: 09096767465, 09086170028, 09096767476, 09096767464, 09053539563, 07064246710, 08035685388.

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